Top 10 Shooting Soccer Tips:

Step 1:

To make sure your video is stable as possible, get a device that allows you to have 2 hands on the camera at all times. I use something like this... Once you get used to it, you won’t shoot sports without it! I set up the handle to go down from the horizontal bar and have my left hand on the handle at all times while my right hand is holding the camera and operating the zoom. You’ll quickly see how two hands are better than one.

Step 2:

Stand at the center line as high as possible .. top of last row of stands is best. On the ground is fine if there are no stands, but, you may have to be a little rude with the other parents. Hopefully they’ll understand. My experience is they will, especially if you offer them to use your footage for their kids later! I’ve found a quick hello before the game helps also helps keep parents from acting irrational (at least near you) knowing their actions could show up on the internet later! Also, it helps (with bright sun or rain) to have someone with an umbrella next to you.

Step 3:

Stay focused on the camera view finder and stay quiet! This is KEY to getting great video.

Step 4:

Follow the ball loose enough to see the player with the ball’s options for passes around him, but, tight enough to see faces if possible. As someone approaches goal, frame the entire goal and the player with the ball.

Step 5:

When the ball is punted or cleared high in the sky, don’t follow it! Zoom out and go to where it should land. You’ll quickly learn to read the players on the field for this.

Step 6:

After a goal is scored, freeze on the goal frame for a second or two, then, go to the player celebrating with his team mates. Stay recording on that player all the way ‘til the kick off.

Step 7:

After other big plays (saves, really nice moves, near misses, etc...) stay with that player as long as possible before getting back to live action .. without missing action.

Step 8:

If you’re using a digital camera that creates files. The shorter each file the better, so, every time the ball goes out of bounds stop recording .. and quickly restart before the throw in. On goals, stay with the goals scorer hero as long as you can ‘til you have to stop that clip, quickly go to the kick off, and start shooting again.

Step 9:

On kick offs after goals I always try to hold on a tight shot of the ball for 5+ seconds before the kick. This helps me find the goals later when looking at 100+ clips in a folder. Any clips before a tight shot of a ball is your goals.

Step 10:

When shooting complete games remember to keep up with fouls, substitutions and other stoppages as much as possible and start/stop each half with a wide shot of the field or fans. And always leave room for graphics at the bottom.

Hopefully some of this helps you shoot the best video possible. Then, I’ll take care of the rest!

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